Last day for Frost

April 16, 2010

The last day for frost here in the Pacific Northwest, a sunny day, and a free afternoon;  the stars aligned for some gardening work.  I have sketched and planned the garden’s layout.  I have spent evenings with books about companion gardening and building a kitchen garden.  I have weeded and pruned the majority of the garden beds.

It’s finally time to plant!

This year we are foregoing the Brussels sprouts to make some room for spinach, kale and baby bok choy.  I’m slowly putting the strawberries into containers, so that I’ve got room from peppers and maybe some eggplant.

Then I’m rotating everything except some herbs and the blueberries.  Oh, and a small asparagus bed is now in place.  I’m really trying to focus on the foods that we will eat and use all summer long.  This needs to be a *working* garden, of course, but I’m finding that it’s easy to build in some fun and pretty plants and flowers as well.  Quite frankly, to me all of it is pretty and I’m glad to be spending time outside again.

I’ll be blogging along with other gardeners/cooks at GoodLifeEats this year.  It will be fun to share the garden’s progress with new and longtime friends.  I think my husband just listens to be kind, and probably doesn’t understand why I get so excited to use the fresh rosemary with our roasted potatoes for dinner.

I’m still trying to find time, though, for the quilts in progress.  Oh, and my baking projects still are calling my name.  Wow, I really could stand to win the lottery so my days weren’t spent earning a living.


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