#TWDbakers – Mocha Walnut Marbled Bundt Cake

April 5, 2010

Okay, I’ll say it:  I hate coffee.  I absolutely love the smell of coffee, but cannot stand the taste of it.  I love tea, but if tea has been brewed in the same maker as coffee, blech!  Even sugar-laden mocha desserts don’t turn me on.

So I was not looking forward to this week’s Tuesday with Dorie challenge, Mocha Walnut Marbled Bundt Cake.  My husband loves Bundt cakes, though, so figured I’d give it a shot.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The instant espresso and coffee that go in the darker, chocolate batter was subtle enough for me that I enjoyed the dessert.  I love walnuts, so the ground walnuts in the lighter-colored batter was perfect.  I made a simple glaze with some cocoa powder, powdered sugar and milk to drizzle over the top of the warm cake, and that was all it needed.

I won’t be spending a boatload of money on coffee at Starbucks in the near future, but I might be willing to consider other mocha-flavored desserts in the future.  If you’d like the recipe and Erin’s thoughts on this dessert, check out her blog at When In Doubt…Leave it at 350.  Thank you, Erin, for helping me step outside my baking box and try something I probably wouldn’t have otherwise tried.



  1. Also not a coffee drinker so was not sure how this would turn out, but like you I was pleasantly surprised at the subtle flavor. And quite moist.

    Yours looks lovely.

  2. I can’t imagine not having coffee in my life. 🙂 So glad that you enjoyed this one, though! Your marbling is great!!

  3. Glad it worked for you. I am not a coffee drinker, I will go with a chocolate version when my mini bundt pan arrives!

  4. Don’t you hate when you are out and order tea and it tastes like coffee?!? Can’t stand that! Obviously, I’m not a coffee drinker either, but I love the smell, too. I really enjoyed the mild mocha flavor in this cake. Glad you did, too.

  5. Beautiful Marbling on your cake! nice job this week.

  6. Hahaha, I love coffee but simply ran out of instant espresso powder. Your marbling looks really good!!

  7. I’m not a huge fan of drinking coffee, but mocha goodies are my cup of tea 😉

  8. Your cake looks fantastic! I love it when I bake something new and I’m pleasantly surprised with the taste.

  9. So glad you liked it even though you don’t like coffee! Great marbling!

  10. I love coffee and actually work part-time at Starbucks. :}

    Great looking cake. I really liked this and actually thought it could use a bit more coffee flavor.

  11. Your cake looks so good and I don’t like coffee all that much either..I made muffins.

  12. YAY!!! Thanks for baking with me this week, sans not liking coffee. In most chocolate dessert you can’t really taste the coffee and it will just enhance the chocolate flavor. I am glad you stepped out of your box and your cake looks fantastic. Love the marbling.

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