Barefoot Bloggers – Mini Meat Loaves

March 10, 2010

Yum, meatloaf!  I grew up with my mom’s meatloaf, which I have tweaked different times in my own home.  My son and husband even tell a funny story about a meatloaf where I didn’t chop the sundried tomatoes into bite-sized pieces, resulting in huge chunks of tough tomatoes in the loaf.  My son won’t go near sun-dried tomatoes to this day, and doesn’t let me forget about that experiment gone awry.

Ina’s recipe is simple, yet very tasty.  I did change the bread crumbs to oatmeal.  One, that’s the way my mom did it, but also being a diabetic, I’m teaching myself to find alternatives to breadcrumbs.  Everything else I kept the same.

I really liked the idea of the mini loaves.  There’s only two of us in our home nowadays, and this is a perfect way to bake once/cook thrice.  I rounded out our meal with some mashed potatoes (not on my low glycemic diet) and some sauteed spinach.   Thanks to Tonya of What’s on my Plate? for the great choice.


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