TWD – Toasted-Coconut Custard Tart – Part 2

March 4, 2010

I have only made custards a handful of times, mostly for ice cream, and I always have to strain them for lumps.  I thought at first I had totally messed up.  In what seemed to be an instant, the boiling custard went from liquid to lumps.  Bam!  So quickly.  I’ve overcooked custards before, but not this bad… or so I thought.  Then I added the butter as directed.  What amazed me was how the custard smoothed  out almost immediately.  Once the butter was incorporated, I did add a bit of heavy cream.  It seemed too thick.  Maybe I did overcook it a bit, but I’ve read some other TWD bloggers who experienced the same dilemma when cooking this custard.

I then blended in the toasted coconut, and let the tart set for a few hours.  The recipe works well, but since  I’m not a fan of shredded coconut, I’ll save the tart dough and custard portions of the recipe for another flavor another time.  My vote:  It’s a keeper.


One comment

  1. This was a thick custard but much easier to work with than some other recipes. If you don’t like coconut, maybe you could add lemon or lime zest and some almonds?
    Beautiful brown eggs by the way. 🙂

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