Yin & Yang

February 24, 2010

Today was a day that allowed me to cook and bake.  That always makes for a feel-good day for me.  I have recently been avoiding processed foods, including boxed cake mixes and frosting, but I saw a recipe on the back of a chocolate cake mix that just called my name.  I had to make it.  The name was Triple Chocolate Cherry Cake:  Chocolate cake mix, cherry pie filling, mini chocolate chips, and chocolate frosting.  It is so yummy!  However, I can’t wait to attempt the same type of cake using recipes from scratch, no processed food.  It might just equate to heaven on a plate.

In an effort to balance my day, our dinner needed to contain healthier choices.  My husband loves rice, but really isn’t a fan of brown rice.  So how do I cook brown rice that he will tolerate?  Cook it with a bit of chicken stock to give it more flavor, and create some sauteed moist vegetables with pine nuts and Parmesan cheese to go top.  It worked.  Though we both still crave those lovely white grains, this meal was a keeper.

Couple that with some baked chicken, and I feel a bit better about the piece of Triple Chocolate Cherry Cake.


One comment

  1. It all looks very good. As for the brown rice debate, try brown basmati rice. Eric isn’t a fan of brown rice either, but really likes this. We buy ours at Trader Joe’s.

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