Milk Chocolate Mini Bundts

February 3, 2010

How could I go wrong with milk chocolate, buttermilk, pecans, butter, sugar and flour?  Who knows.

I practiced my “mise en place.”  Thanks to Julia Child and Food Network, I have a fancy name for it, but my mom taught me the concept long ago.  Measure everything out and get everything ready before you start cooking.  Who knew back then there was a special name for it?

I have an older oven that I think is giving me grief, and I need to go get an oven thermometer to see what’s going on with it.  But isn’t it more fun to blame the oven than my baking skills?  I think so.

The recipe called for a nut mixture in the middle of the cakes, and the tops of the cakes stuck in the pan.  The nut mixture and the bottom of the cakes popped out fine.  I don’t know if that nut mixture had something to do with that or not.  Probably not.

The consistency was more of a brownie.  Though tasty, I think next time I’ll mix up my tried-and-true brownie recipe instead.


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