Taste of Home

January 27, 2010

Several years ago my mother-in-law gave me a gift subscription as a Christmas present.  I had never heard of the “Taste of Home” magazine before that point, but fell in love with the recipes and the format of the magazine.  Then Taste of Home decided to come out with cookbooks, one for cooking, then one for baking.  They are my equivalent to Betty Crocker or Joy of Cooking.  Though I have lots of cookbooks that I love, the Taste of Home cookbooks are where I start when looking for basic home cooking recipes.  So of course that’s where I went to start looking for basic bread recipes.  I’ve made this bread twice now, and even my finicky husband enjoys this bread.

Ask any of my family members, I am a very messy cook.  I tend to use too many bowls and utensils, and spend more time cleaning up than the actual prep time for my projects.  So it’s no surprise that my guys bought me shields for my mixing bowl one year as a gift.  It comes in handy when flour is involved.

My house is kept fairly cool during the winter, which means that I have to turn on the oven to get the kitchen warm enough to have dough rise, and then set the bowl nearby.

I love the smell of bread baking, and can almost eat a whole loaf by itself when it’s warm.  Nowadays, though, there’s only two of us at home, and three loaves of bread is just too much.  By the time we get to loaf number two, it’s not so fresh anymore.  So I think this recipe warrants freezing two of the three dough balls, then baking them when we want the house to smell wonderful and want to have fresh bread and butter with dinner.


One comment

  1. Your loaves look beautiful! I have those KitchenAid sheilds, though, and they didn’t work for me at all, they just got in the way. Sometimes I let bread rise on top of the refrigerator, or else in front of the gas fireplace. I’ve never frozen bread dough, I don’t know why. Great idea.

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