January 6, 2010

I’m trying to expose us to new whole grains, in the hopes that I can get and keep my blood sugars in control more consistently, let alone the benefits whole grains have for your general health.  For some reason, in my head I thought coucous was its own grain.  What’s this girl from Kansas know anyway?  Turns out that it’s more like a pasta, which actually is not horrible for diabetics, in small doses.  A few summers ago I had Israeli couscous at Gustav’s, a restaurant here in Portland that we rarely have the opportunity to go to, and ever since then I thought I wanted to try more of it.  I found some at Trader Joe’s, so thought I’d see if we liked it.  Turns out that we do.

I had read several recipes that toasted the coucous and then put stock or water over it to finish the cooking.  That reminds me of a favorite way to cook orzo, so I thought why not do something similar?  So I thawed some of my roasted cherry tomatoes from the freezer, and added some fresh veggies I had in the fridge, some chicken stock, salt, pepper, and some olive oil at the end.  It was really good.  But, then again, I am a huge fan of pasta.

What’s really nice is that it take no time to cook, so it was a quick meal once I added some broiled salmon and a cresent roll.

In my search for ways to cook couscous, I found some recipes for barley salads.  Now, that’s a whole grain, full of fiber.  That’s my next adventure.


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