Barefoot Bloggers Challenge: Croissant Bread Pudding

December 10, 2009

I found the website for the Barefoot Bloggers a few weeks ago, looking for a way to help expand my cooking skills.  Everyone cooks the same two recipes each month, choosing dishes from Ina Garten’s cookbooks.  This challenge was Croissant Bread Pudding.  My husband loves bread pudding, and I’ve made bread pudding during the holidays for several years now.  We have experimented with different breads, even doughnuts, to discover the perfect bread pudding for Dan, but it never hurts to try something new.  So this was a perfect choice for this week’s challenge.

I was supposed to bake the pudding in a water bath for essentially half the baking time.  It did allow for some puffing and crisping of the top at the end of the baking, but one of the reasons I like bread pudding is the crispy top.  The croissants didn’t seem to create much crisp, but then again, maybe that’s an adaptation of mine over the years and not really the way bread pudding is supposed to be.

I also missed the bourbon sauce that we typically put on top of our warm bread pudding.  This recipe turned out nice and moist, with a good balance of custard and bread, and it’s a good choice of bread.  The croissant provides a rich, buttery bread as the base.  I do think we’ll stick with our recipe that uses brioche, more spices, and the warm bourbon sauce on top.  Maybe not traditional, but it fits our family perfectly.


One comment

  1. I read the title and thought, that sounds so good! But then reading your review and the reasons you like your own version makes me think your version is probably better.

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