Thanksgiving Prep – Cornbread stuffing

November 24, 2009

Cornbread stuffing

Several years ago we started making both regular bread stuffing as well as cornbread stuffing.  My mother-in-law taught me to make stuffing, which is still my favorite.  And though Dan and Christopher enjoy it as well, they also like cornbread stuffing.  That’s a lot of stuffing for only three people.  Even though we have family to share holidays with nowadays, we still seem to have too much stuffing.  So the recipes are put into two pans, and stuffing goes in the freezer for later.

My cornbread stuffing is a conglomeration of several recipes I have found through the years.  This year it’s a combination of homemade cornbread and Marie Callender’s cornbread mix.  I was going to make just homemade, but I found it a bit too grainy for my preferences.  So I blended it with some Marie Callender’s cornbread, which I absolutely love.  I wish I could find a recipe that equalled hers, but without all the preservatives.

Then diced pancetta and ground pork sausage.  I’ve used andouille before as well, but was in the mood for pancetta this year.  Celery, onions, butter, and my favorite:  fennel.  It smelled so good that morning when I was sauteeing the veggies in butter.  Yum!

Yesterday I made some homemade bread to use for regular stuffing.  The bread is drying out as we speak.  That probably will be mixed together tomorrow.  Work is getting in the way today, plus the house somehow is dirty again!  Drats!


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